AI for Finance Course

How to Ethically Leverage AI/ML to Hit Fiscal KPIs

Virtual course for Financial professionals that will help ensure you know everything you need to implement certified AI standards, ethical practices, and data-quality management so you don’t sacrifice privacy, security, or profit.



Become an AI leader at your organization with Resultant’s AI for Finance course.

AI and machine learning are no longer optional for finance. This live, online certification course is designed exclusively for finance professionals.

AI for Finance empowers you to navigate AI’s complexities and lead the charge for its successful implementation at your organization. You’ll leave with a tailored strategic plan aligned with your organization’s KPIs.

No AI experience required—if you’re a leader in the financial services industry, this course will give you the advanced knowledge and hands-on experience you need to apply AI and machine learning technology.

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ai for finance


What You'll Get:

  • An instructor-aided AI implementation plan that’s right for your organization’s KPIs
  • A comprehensive curriculum touching on legal, risk compliance, privacy, and security topics
  • Industry-focused expertise built with components from the Center of Excellence for AI
  • Live, interactive classes
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to learning materials and quizzes post-course

Meet Your Instructor


Paola Saibene

Principal Consultant at Resultant

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Paola’s career spans over 28 years in IT including the following roles and achievements:

  • Former Chief Information Officer / Chief Strategy Officer / Chief Security Officer / Chief Technology Officer / Enterprise Risk Manager VP and Global Privacy Officer at various large, global organizations
  • National Awards for Digital Innovation; 1 for Cybersecurity Initiatives
  • Professor of Graduate Courses in: Technology Innovation, Competitive Analysis, and Cyber Law, Digital Ethics, Governance, and Digital Risk management at Georgetown, University of Texas at Dallas, and Dallas Baptist University
  • Practice Lead and Founder of Govern-By-Design, Proprietary Methodology at Resultant
  • Experience in the Private Sector (healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, commercial, transportation, biotech-pharma, etc.), Public Sector and Education